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Pregnancy Home Tester

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Pregnancy Home Tester

Usage :   Contraceptives, Emergency Contraceptives, Women's Health
Active Ingredient : One step urine HCG pregnancy test
Supplied Form : 1 test per package
Packaging : One test device per package
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1 test per package
... x 5 pcs USD 24.95 USD 4.99 -
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Prega News Home Pregnancy Test Kit - Product Information

Prega News Home Pregnancy Test Kit is a urine based pregnancy test which works by detecting the the presence of the hormone hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) in a pregnant woman's urine. Home pregnancy tests are private, convenient and can be easily done in the privacy of your home.

The test kit consists of One test card for the easy detection of pregnancy and a dropper to collect the drops of urine from the sample collected and put 3 drops in the well of the test card. Prega News Home Pregnancy test kits are manufactured by Mankind Pharma.

We also have in stock Vitagon Injections (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) which helps in the treatment of infertility in women by regulating the development of the female egg in the ovaries and influencing its release during the process of ovulation.

Name of the Drug

We supply original Prega News Home Pregnancy tester kit manufactured by Mankind Pharma.

Manufacturer of Prega News Home Pregnancy Test Kit

Mankind Pharma 

Uses of Home Pregnancy Test

Now visiting the doctor to know if you are pregnant or not is over. You can get to know the results in just 5 minutes without stepping out of your house with Preganews. All you need to do is just add 3 drops of urine in the pregnancy tester, wait for 5 minutes and that's it, you get to know the result.

How to Use PregaNews Home Pregnancy Test Kit

The first pregnancy symptom is the missing period (Amenorrhea). Pregnant woman also feel, some degree of nausea or vomiting. Symptoms of pregnancy may not always confirm pregnancy and also might appear quite late, say after 6 – 7 weeks. The best way is to do a pregnancy test at home with the help of a pregnancy test kit.

A pregnancy test kit is a very simple strip that lets you know your pregnancy status by testing your urine. It works by detecting the presence of 'hcg' hormone in agglutinating sera reagent strip. Below is the exact procedure to use the the pregnancy tester.

  • Add 3 drops of urine in the circular area of the test strip known as "Sample well".
  • Place the testing stick on a clean, level surface with the result window facing upwards. Try not to look at the stick for the duration of the waiting period since time will seem to go slower and you'll become even more anxious. Wait for 5 minutes to know the results.
  • After 5 minutes, if 2 pink lines appear on the test strip, the result is POSITIVE.
  • If one pink line appears on the testing strip, the result is NEGATIVE.
  • If one dark pink and one light pink line appears in the test card (this may be because there is no sufficient amount of HCG hormone in the collected urine), so in that case repeat the test again next morning and do so preferably with the morning urine.


Accuracy of Home Pregnancy Test Kit

Urine tests may take about three or four days after implantation to detect hCG. Pregnancy test kits differ in their sensitivity, although most claim to have an accuracy of about 99% on the day of the missed period. Inorder to obtain the most reliable results, wait to take the test until one week after your missed period.

If it was positive, the test was with near certainty correct. That's because pregnancy tests measure HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin), a hormone that is excreted into your urine about 6 to 12 days after conception takes place. If you were not pregnant, there would not be any HCG in your urine at all.

If you get a negative test result, wait for a week and repeat the test once again using urine from early morning. If the results are still negative and you have not yet got your period, visit a doctor to investigate the cause of your missed period.

What is "HCG"?

"HCG" (human chorionic gonadotropin hormone), present in the sample of urine of a pregnant woman. Placenta starts developing after the fertilized egg implants in a women’s uterus. HCG is secreted by the placenta into the blood & urine.

When & how to do the pregnancy test?

It can be detected as early as the sixth day after conception or on the first day of the missing period or any day after that. If anybody does the test before the expected date of the periods, the result might not be 100% correct. Test should be done with the first morning urine sample, though it can be done any time during the day with fresh sample (test urine has been in the bladder for at least 4 hrs.)

What are the chances of becoming pregnant from a single act of sex? 

The likelihood of becoming pregnant from a single act of unprotected sex varies from person to person, and also depends on the stage of a woman's menstrual cycle. The probability is highest around the time of ovulation (when the egg is released), when, on an average, up to one third of women will become pregnant from having sex once.

How long should I wait before carrying out a pregnancy test?

If you are not sure when your period is due, the best idea is to wait for at least 10 days after having had unprotected sex before testing (although it is worth remembering that it can take up to nineteen days or more to show a positive result). If you get a negative result but your period still doesn't arrive, you should test again at three-day intervals, until your period starts or you get a positive result. The sooner you find out you are pregnant, the sooner you can start thinking about what to do next.

Is My Pre- Pregnancy Diet Sufficient During Pregnancy? 

Good diet and nutrition before you’re pregnant means a healthier you and baby. Eating a well-balanced, nutritious diet before pregnancy means less dietary changes during pregnancy.

What kind of diet is recommended in pregnancy?

Plenty of water and roughage in the diet is essential. Fresh fruits and vegetables are helpful in providing necessary vitamins and minerals. Small frequent meals are helpful in the first three months to reduce nausea and bloating. It is advisable to restrict yourself to food prepared at home.

Warnings & Precautions

If the test does not show the pregnancy in positive, it is still possible that you are pregnant. So the test should be repeated in one week, if menstrual period has not started. If the repeat test is negative, probably you are not pregnant, but you should talk to your health professional to determine the reasons why you are not menstruating.

Buy Prega News Home Pregnancy Test Kit Online at Only $3.50 per Kit

You can buy Prega News Home Pregnancy Tester online from Clear Sky Pharmacy at a cheap price. Prega News Home Pregnancy Test Kit, manufactured by Mankind Pharma, India are supplied in a pack of 1 test kit. The pregnancy test kit costs only $3.50 per unit when you place an order for 10 kits.


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