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Frequently Asked Questions

Shipping time

The delivery time depends on which country you live in. It can vary a lot but all parcels are usually delivered within 8-21 working days. Please follow our times stated at check out. Please note due to the worldwide Corona pandemic shipping to many countries is delayed. 

You will receive an email with your tracking number 2-4 days after you have ordered. This email will contain details on how and where to trace your shipment.

If the postman delivers while you were out then simply go to your local post office to collect the parcel. You have 1 week from attempted delivery before they will return the parcel to us.

Many countries do not update the shipping status before the parcel has been delivered and you can typically only see the dispatch details online. When you receive the tracking number from us then it has been shipped and we kindly request you to await the parcel as we cannot speed up the process once the postal service has the parcel.

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Payment options
  • Echeck for US customers 
  • Local bank transfer for all customers 
  • for US customers 
  • Checks can be sent to our processing partner in Australia, UK and USA. 
  • PayID for Australian customers 
  • POLi for Australian customers 
  • EFT for Australian customers 

We welcome cryptocurrencies payments from all countries: 

  • Bitcoin we offer 10% discount 
  • Bitcoin Cash we offer 10% discount 
  • Litecoin we offer 10% discount 
  • Etherium we offer 10% discount 
  • Dash we offer 10% discount 
  • XPR Ripple we offer 10% discount 
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Are generic drugs the same as what I get from my local pharmacy?
Yes, generic drugs contain the exact same active ingredient as the brand name at your local pharmacy and the effect is the same. Generic drugs carry a different brand name. These brand names are often well established in other countries.
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Can I cancel my order - what is your return policy?
You can cancel your order so long our pharmacy has not processed it. Please inform us soonest possible through email or "Contact Us" for this.

We will refund your money 100% and we do not levy any cancellation fee. If you paid by credit card then please allow approx. 1 week for the bank to refund the money.

A product cannot be returned once it has left the pharmacy.
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Can I get an invoice for insurance claim?
Yes, you can download the invoice at Clear Sky Pharmacy. Simply "Sign Up" when you make a purchase and then go to "My Account" and select the order and invoice you require. The system will save your orders and you can always log in and check old orders and more.
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Can I order drugs not shown at our web-shop?
Clear Sky Pharmacy - the Best Medical Website - carries a substantial portfolio of generic medicine and original brand medicine. Please send your enquiry through our Contact Us section. Kindly state the product(s) you require, the strength, and the quantity and we will return with an offer if possible.

Note: We do not under any circumstances offer scheduled drugs. It does not help sending your Rx to us. We do not ship scheduled drugs.
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Do I need a prescription?

Our patients are advices to consult their doctor or health care provider before ordering medicine at Clear Sky Pharmacy - the Best Medical Website.
We are aware that doctors receive an undisclosed fee from the big pharma companies for prescribing and recommending their drugs. This naturally makes them biased towards generic drugs. However, your doctor is well aware of the cheaper generic drugs and likely to confirm that our brands are of the highest standards and a safe alternative. If your country/ state requires you to have a valid Rx then you must obtain this prior ordering to ensure that you do not break the law. Keep it for your reference.

If you like us to include a copy with your shipment then please email it to Our pharmacist will be pleased to review your medical record and not only do we check for potential drug interactions but we also evaluate the appropriatness of the medication for your illness. Pleasse inform us about all medications you take (both Rx and OTC) as well as any supplements and herbal remedies. Kindly also state the illnesses your are currently being treated for. This service is free of charge.

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Is it legal to import drugs?
Canadian Online Pharmacies have made significant joint efforts to influence congress towards allowing American citizens to order drugs from outside USA. As a result, the FDA states that while it is technically illegal to import drugs they allow importation of non-scheduled (non-controlled) drugs for personal consumption of up to 3 months usage. If a parcel is seized by the customs then they will request for a valid doctor’s prescription and verify that the drugs are non-scheduled. If these are met then they will release the parcel. If not then they will return the parcel to our distribution center.
It is rare that a parcel is seized and there is no known case of an American citizen being charged with buying non-scheduled drugs from an international online pharmacy for personal consumption.
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Is my data safe?
Yes, your data is very safe with us and we will at no level share any details with anyone what so ever. All data transactions are secured by our 256 bit SSL encryption which cannot be hacked by anyone. \
Confidentiality and discretion is as important to you as it is to us!
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What is the difference between controlled and non-controlled drugs?
There are both non-controlled drugs and controlled drugs for which a doctor’s prescription is required.
Controlled drugs or scheduled drugs are generally classified as addictive drugs, drugs that can be misused, or drugs that are dangerous to health. These are illegal to import without proper documentation whether it is for wholesales or for personal consumption. We do not under any circumstances offer controlled drugs and you can shop at Clear Sky Pharmacy - the Best Medical Website - with a peace of mind.

We will not dispense any controlled substance for any reason.
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Where do you ship to?

Please see the extensive list of countries at check out or send us and email at to inquire about your country.

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We are an authorized Alpha Pharma Distributor

Alpha Pharma Distributor

Covid 19 Shipping Updates

Covid 19 continues to impact us all. Our priority at this time is to ensure the safety of our customers and staff. We understand the impact and disruption this pandemic is having on all of us and we are doing our best to ensure we can continue to get medication to you in a timely manner, but delays caused by limited air-cargo flights might cause a delay beyond our control.

Please understand we have your interest and health at heart and will do everything we can to prevent any inconvenience to you.

Please order your refills as early as possible.

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