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Nolvadol (tamoxifen Citrate Tablets)

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Nolvadol (Tamoxifen Citrate Tablets)

Usage :   Cancer
Active Ingredient : Tamoxifen Citrate 20mg
Supplied Form : Tablet
Packaging : Bottle of 100 Tablets
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Nolvadol (Tamoxifen Citrate Tablets) - Product Information

Nolvadol (Tamoxifen Citrate tablets) are used for the treatment of breast cancer. They are also used for the treatment of anovulatory infertility.

Nolvadol tablets are manufactured by Phoenix Remedies in the strengths of 20 mg and supplied in a bottle containing 100 tablets.  You can buy Nolvadol 20 mg tablets at only  $0.32  per Pill. We also have in stock Generic Femara (Letromina by Alpha-Pharma) with the active ingredient Letrozole which is an oral non-steroidal aromatase inhibitor, is used to treat hormonally-responsive breast cancer in post-menopausal women. Letrozole is also used offlabel in the treatment of infertility for ovulation induction and bodybuilding.

Name of the Drug

We supply original Nolvadol manufactured by Phoenix Remedies.

Manufacturer of Nolvadol Tablets

  Phoenix Remedies

Active Ingredient present in Nolvadol Tablets

The active ingredient present in Nolvadol tablets is Tamoxifen Citrate. Each Nolvadol tablet contains 30.4 mg Tamoxifen Citrate, an amount equivalent to 20 mg of Tamoxifen.

Uses of Nolvadol Tablets

Metastatic Breast Cancer: Tamoxifen citrate tablets, are effective in the treatment of metastatic breast cancer in women and men.

Adjuvant Treatment of Breast Cancer: Tamoxifen Citrate tablets, are used for the treatment of node-positive breast cancer in women following total mastectomy or segmental mastectomy, axillary dissection, and breast irradiation.

Ductal Carcinoma in Situ (DCIS): In women with DCIS, following breast surgery and radiation, Tamoxifen Citrate tablets are indicated to reduce the risk of invasive breast

Reduction in Breast Cancer Incidence in High Risk Women: Tamoxifen Citrate tablets are indicated to reduce the incidence of breast cancer in women at high risk for breast cancer. Nolvadol (Tamoxifen Citrate Tablets) is indicated only for high-risk women. "High risk" is defined as women at least 35 years of age with a 5-year predicted risk of breast cancer (greater than 1.67%), as calculated by the Gail Model.

Anovulatory Infertility: The treatment of anovulatory infertility Tamoxifen may be a better choice in some patients who fail to either ovulate or conceive with clomiphene due to its favorable effect on the cervical mucus and endometrium.

Nolvadol (Tamoxifen Citrate Tablets) - Dosage

Breast cancer: The dosage range for adults (including the elderly) is 20 to 40 mg daily given either in divided doses twice daily or as a single dose once daily. In early disease, it is currently recommended that treatment is given for not less than 5 years. The optimal duration of tamoxifen therapy remains to be determined. Dosages greater than 20 mg per day should be given in divided doses (morning and evening).

Ductal Carcinoma in Situ (DCIS): The recommended dose is Nolvadol (Tamoxifen Citrate tablets) 20 mg daily for 5 years.

Reduction in Breast Cancer Incidence in High Risk Women: The recommended dose is Nolvadol tablets 20 mg daily for 5 years. There are no data to support the use of Tamoxifen Citrate other than for 5 years. Anovulatory Infertility: Before starting any course of treatment, whether initial or subsequent, the possibility of pregnancy must be excluded. In women who are menstruating regularly, but with anovular cycles, the initial course of treatment consists of 20 mg given daily on the second, third, fourth and fifth days of the menstrual cycle.

Nolvadol (Tamoxifen Citrate Tablets) Storage

Store Nolvadol tablets at controlled room temperature (68°F to 77°F, 20°C to 25°C). Protect from light.


Nolvadol tablets are contraindicated in patients with a hypersensitivity to Tamoxifen Citrate or any inactive ingredient present in tablets. Nolvadol tablets are also contraindicated in the following cases:

Reduction in Breast Cancer Incidence in High Risk Women and Women with DCIS: Tamoxifen citrate tablets are contraindicated in women who require concomitant coumarin-type anticoagulant therapy or in women with a history of deep vein thrombosis or pulmonary embolus.

Pregnancy: Pre-menopausal patients must be carefully examined before treatment for breast cancer or infertility to exclude the possibility of pregnancy.

Concurrent Anastrozole therapy

Treatment for infertility: Patients with a personal or family history of confirmed idiopathic venous thromboembolic events or a known genetic defect.

Warnings and Precautions

Effects in Metastatic Breast Cancer Patients: As with other additive hormonal therapy (estrogens and androgens), hypercalcemia has been reported in some breast cancer patients with bone metastases within a few weeks of starting treatment with Tamoxifen. If hypercalcemia does occur, appropriate measures should be taken and, if severe, Tamoxifen should be discontinued.

Effects on the Uterus-Endometrial Cancer and Uterine Sarcoma: An increased incidence of uterine malignancies has been reported in association with Tamoxifen treatment.

Non-Malignant Effects on the Uterus: An increased incidence of endometrial changes including hyperplasia and polyps have been reported in association with Tamoxifen treatment.

Thromboembolic Effects of Tamoxifen: There is evidence of an increased incidence of thromboembolic events, including deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism, during Tamoxifen therapy.

Effects on the liver: Liver cancer: In the Swedish trial using adjuvant tamoxifen 40 mg/day for 2 years to 5 years, 3 cases of liver cancer have been reported in the Tamoxifen-treated group vs. 1 case in the observation group.

Effects on the liver: Non-malignant effects: Tamoxifen has been associated with changes in liver enzyme levels, and on rare occasions, a spectrum of more severe liver abnormalities including fatty liver, cholestasis, hepatitis and hepatic necrosis. A few of these serious cases included fatalities.

Other cancers: A number of second primary tumors, occurring at sites other than the endometrium, have been reported following the treatment of breast cancer with tamoxifen in clinical trials.

Effects on the Eye: Ocular disturbances, including corneal changes, decrement in color vision perception, retinal vein thrombosis, and retinopathy have been reported in patients receiving Tamoxifen Citrate tablets. An increased incidence of cataracts and the need for cataract surgery have been reported in patients receiving tamoxifen.

Tamoxifen Citrate (Nolvadol Tablets) Side Effects

The most common Tamoxifen Citrate (Nolvadol Tablets) side effect in patients treated with for metastatic breast cancer, is hot flashes.

Other side effects which are seen infrequently are hypercalcemia, peripheral edema, distaste for food, pruritus vulvae, depression, dizziness, light-headedness, headache, hair thinning and/or partial hair loss, and vaginal dryness.

During trials for the indication reduction in breast cancer incidence in high risk women side effects reported include Hot Flashes, Vaginal Discharges, Vaginal Bleeding, Platelets decreased. Other Toxicities reported include Mood, Infection/Sepsis, Constipation, Alopecia, Skin and Allergy.

Tamoxifen Citrate (Nolvadol Tablets) Overdosage

Acute overdosage in humans has not been reported. In a study of advanced metastatic cancer patients which specifically determined the maximum tolerated dose of Tamoxifen Citrate tablets in evaluating the use of very high doses to reverse multidrug resistance, acute neurotoxicity manifested by tremor, hyperreflexia, unsteady gait and dizziness were noted.

These symptoms occurred within 3 to 5 days of beginning Tamoxifen Citrate tablets and cleared within 2 days to 5 days after stopping therapy. No permanent neurologic toxicity was noted.

One patient experienced a seizure several days after Tamoxifen tablets were discontinued and neurotoxic symptoms had resolved. The causal relationship of the seizure to Tamoxifen therapy is unknown.

No specific treatment for overdosage is known and treatment for overdose must be symptomatic.

Tamoxifen Citrate Tablets During Pregnancy

Tamoxifen Citrate has been classified by the US FDA as Pregnancy Category D. Tamoxifen could cause fetal harm when administered to a pregnant woman. Women should be advised not to become pregnant while taking Tamoxifen Citrate or within 2 months of discontinuing Tamoxifen.

Do not use this medicine without your doctor's consent in case you are pregnant. Stop using this medication and inform your doctor immediately if you become pregnant during treatment.

Tamoxifen does not cause infertility, even in the presence of menstrual irregularity.

Tamoxifen Citrate Tablets - Nursing Considerations

Tamoxifen has been reported to inhibit lactation.
Do not use this medication without telling your doctor if you are breast-feeding a baby. Because of the potential for serious adverse reactions in nursing infants from Nolvadol, women taking Tamoxifen Citrate (Nolvadol Tablets) should not breast feed.

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