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Generic Handihaler (rotahaler By Cipla)

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Generic HandiHaler (RotaHaler by Cipla)

Usage :   Bronchitis, COPD, Lung
Active Ingredient : ...
Supplied Form : Inhaler Device
Packaging : Box with 1 inhaler Device
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Inhaler Device
... x 1 pcs USD 8.00 USD 8.00 -
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... x 10 pcs USD 55.00 USD 5.50 -

Cipla Rotahaler (Generic Handihaler) - Product Information

Cipla Rotahaler is a dry powder inhaler (DPI) device. Rotahaler is used with different types of Rotacaps (Dry powder capsules for inhalation), which include Seroflo Rotacaps, Duova Rotacaps, Foratec Rotacaps, Beclate Rotacaps, Duolin Rotacaps, Budecort Rotacaps, Foracort Rotacaps, Generic Spiriva Handihaler (Tiova Rotacaps), Asthalin Rotacaps and Aerocort Rotacaps. Cipla Rotahaler, also known as a Revolizer device is pre-metered single dose medication for inhalation. Dry Powder Inhalers (DPI's) are breath-actuated devices and eliminate the need for co-ordination of actuation and breathing in air. Cipla Rotahaler (Generic Handihaler) is manufactured by Cipla Ltd. in 4 vibrant colour options.

Name of the Drug

We supply original Rotahaler manufactured by Cipla Ltd. .

Manufacturer of Rotahaler (Revolizer Device)

Cipla Ltd. 

Uses Of Generic HandiHaler (Rotahaler by Cipla)

The Rotahaler is a dry powder inhalation device to be used with Cipla Tiova RotaCaps. It is a breath-actuated device and eliminates the need for co-ordination of actuation and inspiration. This makes it an excellent and very simple-to-use device for pulmonary drug delivery.
You can use the Rotahaler with Foradil® capsules/discuses, Spiriva® capsules/discuses, and Tiova capsules/discuses.

How to Use Cipla Rotahaler(Generic Handihaler)

Read the leaflet supplied with the RotaHaler device and follow these instructions:
• Do not swallow the capsules
• Use the RotaHaler to take the medicine
• Do not use the RotaHaler device to take any other medicine
• The medicine comes as a powder in a capsule that fits into the RotaHaler device. Each capsule contains only a small amount of powder equal to one full dose of medicine.
• Take one of the capsules from the packaging and insert into the Rotahaler. Twist the RotaHaler to pierce open the capsule.
• After the capsule is pierced, take a complete dose of the medicine by breathing in the powder by mouth two times, using the RotaHaler device.
• Throw away any capsules that are not used right away after it is taken out of the package. Do not leave the capsules open to air; they may not work as well.

The RotaHaler comes with a pictogram of the above procedure making it very easy to follow and understand.


Cipla Rotahaler Side Effects

The Cipla Rotahaler is just a DPI device. The possible side effects will depend on the capsules containing the medication which are used in this device.

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